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Yesterday @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore these 2 Turtle Brooches & Pins. Gifted to me by our guest Miriam Parkes & Once again Our Boss Man Lord Gio. 
They are so Detailed especially their Eyes.. Amazing my little Turtles...
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a day ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this "70's" Vibe Southwestern Snake.
It's really Groovy and alot of our guests Loooooooved it. It was hard for me to wear it ... bc I fear snakes ( people kind & animal kind) A Big Fear!!!! So I positioned it to wear it was going away from me... Gifted to me by The Baril Family. 
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2 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Antigue "Mr. Bojangles " Brooch gifted to me by our Boss Man Lord Gio. It was his Grandmothers. Our guests last nite kept referring him to Fred Astaire..How Kool. What's so unique about this Brooch is that his Dancing Legs Move.🕺I Love it.
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3 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore these 2 Gecko Brooche & Pins.
The Dbl chain Gecko Brooch was given to me by my Boss Man was his Grandmothers and given to his Mom. She never wore it so he gifted it to me.
The Single Gecko Pin was gifted to me by our chic guest Shelly.. She has some Brooches!!!! Maybe one of these Gay ole Dayz? Ha ha..
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8 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Super Colorful " Live Life In Color" Brooch.
Gifted to me by our guests Stuart & Barbara Klabin. Some of the Best Huggers Ever...
I have to say ::: the men were into this Brooch more than the Ladies.?? That's a 1st for me.
It was Hard picking for a Tie to go with this Beauty. 
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9 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Ultra-Fabulous Joan Rivers Exclusive Orchard Brooch.
Omggds!!! What a Big ,Gigantic Hit it was last nite.
Gifted to me by our guest who has been missing from The Grill because her Cancer. But last nite She,, CECELIA  looked amazingly Gorgeous & Happy.  What a treat it was to have so many guests give positive compliments on my Brooch and CECELIA was there to receive all that Positive Energy. It made so Happy.
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10 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Eye Catching Brooch.
It's a Protoceratops. Gifted to me by my fellow employee Patricia.
I told her one of my favorite movies is Jurassic Park. I recieved it in Raw form. I ... because I'm creative added the perfect Bling.. check out his Eye.
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11 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Stunning Jacqueline Kennedy Reproduction Peacock Brooch created by Whimsical Artist Jacqueline Kent.
Unfortunately for me I do not remember who gifted this Beautiful Brooch to me. I must have been to busy and did not write it down. Sadness. Hopefully when I wear it again someone will let me know ... "Hector .. you are wearing the Brooch I gifted you!".. I hope.
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15 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Hypnotic Mesmerizing Man In The Moon Brooch.
Gifted to me by My Hypnotic Mesmerizing Friends of The Grill on the Alley @mrcarlos1969 
@bobsaltzburg @jackmonroe1 & 
Last nite our guests would look at the Brooch and just stare. I'm telling you "They were Hypnotized "...Just look at Him.
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16 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Spectacular Spider Brooch. It was gifted to me by my Gifted Friendships: @mrcarlos1969 @jackmonroe1 @bobsaltzburg & DENNIS ❤
This Special Spider brooch was found by them when they went to a quaint little Antique Shop in Los Alamos. This Brooch was a big ole Hit.. except for one lady who got creeped out by it.. lol 
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21 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Clear Quartz Wrapped in Silver Pendant. 
I do not remember who gifted it to me but I do remember when the lady walked in my eyes were fixed on her Necklace.  Which the Pendant was mesmerizingly hanging on the silver chain. She noticed how I was effected by its beauty. When she was leaving the restaurant she handed me the necklace.  She said to me" Enjoy."
The next day I made it into a Special Brooch. 
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24 days ago
Last nite @thegrill_beverlyhills I wore this Stunning Vintage Dragon Brooch. It was gifted to me by our very long time guests The Wiley's. It was in their Family for a very long time when March Wiley asked about my Brooches she surprised me with this Beautiful Dragon. At the same time Her son revealed to me his Dragon Tatoo. HUH HELLO! I forgot to wear this Dragon during the last Season of GofT.
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25 days ago