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What to say about Neil...musical genius, poet, philanthropist and activist. I’m not a star struck person but I had the stroke of good fortune to visit his home in Marin CA, many moons ago. I was in the company of Wilco, Pearl Jam, Crosby Stills and Nash...a pinch me moment to say the least. We all sat by the fire pit, under a myriad of stars, surrounded by mountains. Neil and his family were gracious, kind, home cooked food and effortless conversations. The following day at the annual Bridge Benefit concert, everyone was on stage, singing “Teach Your Children” and my 3 year old daughter danced half naked onstage. Eddie Vedder scooped her up, dancing...anyhow, guess my point is Neil has brought so much magic into my life and many others. His dedication to planet earth, native land and nations...happy birthday dear friend, and may we all live to “keep it Neil” 🖤
6 minutes ago
We’ll float, take life as it comes...(24 hours of sky watching) 🧡
2 days ago
Somewhere out there...thinking of you, missing you @therealpeterlindbergh 🖤 this outtake from set, with makeup maestro @stephane_marais_officiali
6 days ago
Just because I like to see nice things before I sleep...Partial Eclipse, Electric Sky and November Meteor Showers by EL Trouvelot circa late 1800’s...goodnight 🌙✨🌙✨🌙✨
9 days ago
Master #IrvingPenn whom I loved working with- the studio was silent, no music, no smoking, we spoke in whispers and walked lightly. Ahhh how I miss this zen 🖤
13 days ago
Beyond proud to work with @tamaracomolli not only in support of her beautiful brand but also her partnership with @oceana 🌊
14 days ago
Orb ✨✨
23 days ago
Sweater weather ♥️
a month ago
Magic ✨ by @violette_fr and @paolakudacki
a month ago
Thank you to the brilliant  @hongjanghyun 🖤and team!
a month ago
♥️ @exhibitionmag with the super talented @vitofernicola
2 months ago
“The biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness. The planet doesn’t need saving. We do”- Xiuhtezcatl Martinez 🦋 #bethelight
2 months ago