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Buckle up! (sorry 🙈) Gluten Free Summer Berry Buckle. If you’re like me, I over-purchase every time I visit the farmers market, especially berries, this time of year. I started with @clarkbar’s recipe for @nytcooking as a launching point (if you’re not looking for gf, stop there), and subbed in almond flour, a gf flour blend (about 1 cup of each) and a touch of Greek yogurt (about 1/4 cup). I used an ample amount of blueberries and tri-star strawberries🍓and topped it with an almond oat streusel (almond flour, oats, light brown sugar, butter, pinch of salt) because... No cake pans in our temporary kitchen, so used a paper loaf pan and cut it into squares. This batch is super moist, which everyone loved😋, but I’ll fine tune the recipe and share soon! #berrybuckle #f52sweets #blueberries #strawberries #howisummer
2 days ago
Sourdough toast smeared with labne topped with fresh juicy peaches🍑, honey, popped quinoa, pecans, a touch of flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper. This and all of its iterations are everything right now and my favorite breakfast treat. A couple of days ago was ricotta, tomorrow I’ll go with chèvre. I’m a creature of habit. #f52sweets #peaches #howisummer #thingsontoast
4 days ago
Cherry Clafoutis. Say it ten times fast! Cherries are abundant right now. If you don’t devour them all from hand, which frequently happens here, you want to do this. This classic rustic French dessert is simple to prepare and comes together in a few minutes, even less of you don’t pit the cherries. Traditionalists prefer pits in as, in theory, they impart a hint of almond. It features a rich and creamy custard, a crispy sugary top and cherries that burst with flavor🍒♥️. The little effort this requires, makes it great for entertaining. Served warm it’s divine and leftovers make for a delicious breakfast. I have to admit, I frequently make this just for myself. This recipe was from @davidlebovitz and I highly recommend it! Note- I was heavy handed with the cherries here. #sparkjoydaily #f52sweets #clafoutis #cherries
6 days ago
This is why I love summer🍅🌱and having frozen (all butter) puff pastry on hand. A Savory Tomato and Arugula Tart. It all sits on a thin layer of creamy ricotta. Recipe adapted from @emcdowell’s on @purewow and is one I can’t recommend more. This was made on a very humid day, but a crispy result topped a wonky rim! It comes together easily and is a huge crowd pleaser. Never a crumb leftover! #tomatotart #howisummer #tomatoes #purewow
8 days ago
Magic!!!🌟I’m a huge fan of summer salads that combine seasonal treasures. The juxtaposition of flavors and textures is sublime. This one checks all of the boxes and is so delicious I piled the plate high as I couldn’t keep myself from grabbing mouthfuls🙊. My first introduction to this flavor magic was with my dad in Italy when I was young. He adored the classic melon with prosciutto, and though I was never a meat eater, he insisted I taste it. I remember how this combo exploded with flavor when I took my first bite. This salad is very much meat free and stands up to that very special memory. Recipe adapted from @eyeswoon Unplugged🙌. Ingredients here- orange flesh honeydew, Persian cucumber, radish, ricotta salata, Marcona almonds, jalapeño, Calabrian chili flakes, sumac, basil, mint, cilantro, flaky sea salt, fresh ground pepper, lemon and lime zest, lime juice, olive oil, honey and champagne vinegar. Substitutions may easily be made- sub in melon of choice, feta or cotija for ricotta salata, lemon zest & pepper for sumac, spicy arugula if low on fresh herbs, hazelnuts for almond... you get the picture! Play with it until you find your sweet spot! #f52salad #melon #summersalad
10 days ago
Grilled Mexican Street Corn gets me every time. It’s something I’ve never been able to pass up, so I did this- Elote Salad (recipe below). I added radish for color and crunch. We ate it by the tortilla and spoonful! My wish for leftovers was thwarted as I watched it vanish from the bowl. i served it with shrimp tacos, but no one realized it. Recipe below: (if you want to lighten this up, add chopped seedless cucumber and adjust seasoning. If you want to go crazy, add black beans and mango! In addition to salt and pepper, you will need to increase all other ingredients to suit your taste as the beans will alter the balance). .
Elote Salad
4 ears of corn
A glug (about 2 Tbs) olive oil
2-3 radish, chopped
3 scallions, chopped 
1 jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped 
2 Tbs mayonnaise (Sometimes I use a touch more. If you want it creamier, add 1 Tbs sour cream)
1 tsp chipotle adobo (or pinch smoked paprika) (if you need chipotle adobo, please visit amazon.com/shop/feedtheswimmers)
1/2 cup crumbled cotija cheese or a mild feta (I’m usually heavy handed here)
Large handful of cilantro, chopped (sub parsley if you need)
Juice of one lime (a little more than a Tbs)
Flaky sea salt 
Fresh ground pepper 
Garlic, optional 
1- Leave corn in the husk and microwave all 4 together for 5 minutes while preheating a cast iron or heavy bottomed pan over medium low heat. 
2-Remove husk and cut kernels from the cob. If you don’t want to make a mess, invert a small bowl into a large mixing bowl and use it as base for the corn. The kernels will stay in the bowl. 
3-Add oil to pan and raise heat to medium high, add corn, spreading evenly (you may need to do two batches). Allow corn to cook, undisturbed for about 3-4 minutes or until bottom edges brown. 
4-Add back into the large bowl and mix in radish, jalapeño, and scallion until fully combined. Season with salt and pepper. Add, mayo, adobo (or smoked paprika), lime juice and stir well until kernels are fully coated. Adjust salt and pepper. Add cotija and cilantro. Stir in until spread throughout. Adjust seasoning and enjoy!
#f52salad #elote #elotesalad #corn
11 days ago
A big green summer salad. Gem lettuce topped with flowering sweet pea shoots/greens, sweet and crispy sugar snap peas which is crowned with a lemony tahini laden slaw of julienned snow peas (meant to be smushed around with every bite😋). So, guess we have a Three Pea Salad!💚💚💚 #f52salad #peas #peasalad
Flowering pea shoots and snap peas from @unsqgreenmarket @windfallfarms
13 days ago
Eggcelent! (Sorry 🙊) Farm fresh 9 minute egg salad, slightly warm, on sourdough toast with a side of heirloom tomato salad with micro greens and dill flowers. I make this right after I peel the warm eggs and serve immediately. I feel like it intensifies all of the flavors and gives you a nice creamy texture. Belly filling, comforting and nutritious. Warm egg salad reminds me of the one my grandmother would make us fresh from the pot!  It takes me back every time ♥️ #eggsalad #f52vacay #farmersmarketinspo
16 days ago
Fried green tomatoes take center stage in this fully loaded veggie sandwich! I toasted sourdough and layered the tangy crispy slices up with fresh heirloom tomatoes, sliced apple and hakurei turnip (for sweetnesses and crunch), along with fresh baby and micro greens. I blended some zucchini relish (my summer fav) with vegan mayo, tahini and Sriracha to create a flavor bomb! It’s really all about the sauce, isn’t it!?!? For the fried green tomatoes I like to use a finely ground corn meal which I season well with flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper, add any fresh or dried herbs you like. You may do a proper dredge in flour and egg beforehand for a coating that’s less likely to break off (don’t forget to also season the flour). I cook them off with a shallow pan fry in olive oil. That’s it!  There delicious on their own, and would also be amazing atop a salad, in a grilled cheese or on a veggie burger, parmigiana style... be creative!💚 #friedgreentomatoes #f52vacay #bestofvegan
19 days ago
Maple Roasted Carrots with Tahini Yogurt and Pistachio Dukkah. Definitely one of the top 3 on my blog and on repeat through the summer and all year long. Sweet, savory, chewy, crispy, crunchy, creamy are all present and accounted for. For an added kick, add a touch of gochujang or sriracha. If you don’t want to turn on the oven, toss these on the grill (and dare I say, into a hot dog bun)! #carrots #dukkah #tahini #f52extra
We should be back in our home within the next few weeks. The kitchen isn’t done, but has been made workable. The temporary housing has been great, but we so need to be home, all together on the couch watching a great movie before the kids go back to school. I’m a creature of comfort.
23 days ago
Summer pizza season🍕🌞🌼! This and variations of it go on repeat around here. Squash blossoms stuffed with fresh chèvre, ribbons of zucchini and fresh greens (here pea shoots) a touch of fresh marinara, flaky sea salt and fresh ground pepper. When pulled from the oven I finish with a drizzle of good olive oil and fresh basil. Sometimes I make fresh dough. Sometimes I purchase my favorite gf crust which I love to keep on hand in the freezer. Choose your favorite toppings and be creative. It will always be wonderful! For a crispy crust, don’t be heavy handed with the sauce and remember some veggies release a lot of water (those you may sauté first). You may also brush crust with olive oil, bake it up and while hot from the oven, top the with a fresh salad and cheese. No matter what, it will all be delicious if you choose components you love! #pizza #squashblossoms #f52extra
a month ago
Even though summer is officially here, the nights have been cool and I still crave a great soup. A couple of weeks ago I made this new favorite veggie seafood chowder from leftovers and scraps from a grilled feast of fish, shrimp and veggies and made ample to freeze the extra. It’s the gift that keeps giving! Each time i heat some up, I’ve been adding whatever leftovers and odds and ends I have on hand to amp it up (just added leftover salmon)! This was the last of my stash and you’d better believe I’ll be making more!!! A rough how to follows. #wastenot #sparkjoyeveryday #chowder
I simmered onion, carrot, fennel, corn cobs, parsley and dill with shrimp shells, salmon scraps and bones and simmered it all overnight. In the morning it was all strained, then I diced up and added all of the leftover grilled veggies, salmon, shrimp and odds and ends from the crisper (the list included: shishitos, zucchini, carrot, fennel, corn and some with the cob, potato, tomato, zucchini...) and caramelized shallots. I added a touch of cream, barely 1/2 cup to the entire pot (you may easily substitute a plant based option). I simmered it all up and this soup was born! Food waste avoided. There’s no going wrong. #f52extra
a month ago