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my favorite of the set is the last image. something about standing up there after the crowd left really hit home for me. the light had all but vanished. chasing the sun all the way down to the horizon and then pushing that last little bit of faded bruised-blue light. this is my favorite time to shoot. and even though it’s challenging and considered sloppy sometimes, it’s when I thrive the most. shooting until my camera can hardly make out the lines in our silhouettes. trying to replicate the beauty that only the naked eye can see is something I will always chase with my camera hangin’ low ‘round my neck.
5 days ago
A monster of a man once said “the sweetest winds blow across the south” and I still believe that rings true.
6 days ago
It could have been the cold water in the mountains. Or the heavy smell of rain against the hot concrete. It could have been the sound of the highway howling from my hotel window. The groans from eighteen wheels. Something about the road can be so healing. So healing you forget just what you needed to heal.
7 days ago
ready for the mountains with this angel. ready for the fireworks over the ridges. ready sliding rock and good old pretty place.
25 days ago
It’s the first day of summer. And it started with rain.
a month ago
Going through the last of these. Still confused why I live in New York City.
a month ago
With you, the concept of time has completely slipped my mind. It’s hard to tell whether these three years have flown by faster than a summer shower or crawled by slower than vines climbing up a wall. We’ve been everywhere together. Spent hundreds of hours on road trips. Climbed to the highest elevations and wandered through the lowest valleys and swamps. And just like all those trips, we’ve also had our ups and downs. But every good moment has out weighed all of everything. To those early mornings in New Orleans wandering for the first crawfish boil. To those late nights in the east village with all our friends up and down St. Marks. I’ll always feel at peace with you. Just as peaceful as those trips we spent floating down the Ichetucknee River, or collecting the sea glass on the beaches of Long Island. Here’s to everything. Here’s to it all. Here’s to you and here’s to me.
a month ago
a month ago
here’s the last of these, if you aren’t tired of them yet. monday mood on wednesday.
2 months ago
You’re an angel with an amber halo.
2 months ago
Well all the Apostles-they're sitting in swings, saying “I’d sell off my savior for a set of new rings and some sandals with the style of straps that cling best to the era.”
2 months ago
just like how some trees are so bent, they wear the shape of the wind.
2 months ago