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Photo by @TimLaman.  Underwater photography…. I’ve been fascinated by it for decades.  To create strong images, the diving part has to be second nature.  You have to be able to think about lighting, composition, behavior of your subject, and myriad other things that go into capturing a great image, while limited by your air supply and the time and safety constraints that go with working underwater.  But there are amazing advantages as well, like the ability to easily move in three dimensions around your subject and hover in space… oh to be able to do that in the rain forest!  One of the masters of the medium is my friend and colleague Zafer Kizilkaya (@kizilkaya_zafer) who you see here in Raja Ampat this week, where we have been planning an Underwater Photography workshop together for next year with #PapuaExplorersDiveResort.  If you are interested, drop an email to office@timlaman.com, and we will keep you informed as plans develop. We can always use more passionate photographers sharing images of our threatened oceans. #RajaAmpat #WestPapua #ConservationProvince #Indonesia #CoralReefs.
4 days ago
Photo by @TimLaman.  Ribbon Sweetlips in formation.  These nocturnal feeders hang out on the reef during the day, and when there is some current, they like to hang together.  This reef, just off a village in Raja Ampat, is teeming with fish, because for the last three years, villagers have stopped fishing there in return for income from visiting divers.  It is amazing how fast fish stocks can recover when given a chance. #RajaAmpat #WestPapua #ConservationProvince #Indonesia #CoralReefs #PapuaExplorersDiveResort
5 days ago
Photo by @TimLaman.  A giant moray and a school of golden sweepers share space on a crowded reef in Raja Ampat.  I can’t help wonder what the moray is thinking…. #RajaAmpat #WestPapua #ConservationProvince #Indonesia #CoralReefs #papuaexplorersdiveresort
6 days ago
Photo by @TimLaman.  There is nothing like that feeling of dropping into a pristine healthy reef, like this one in Raja Ampat, with an underwater camera in hand.  There are still places where marine life thrives, and the local people are taking care of their reefs.  We want to celebrate and support those efforts.  My good friend, conservationist and photographer @Kizilkaya_Zafer (pictured here) and I are doing this right now in Raja Ampat, where communities are protecting their reefs and getting benefits from visiting divers.  Stay tuned here, as we will try to do these amazing reefs justice with our cameras.  #RajaAmpat #WestPapua #ConservationProvince #Indonesia #CoralReefs
7 days ago
Photo by @TimLaman.  Hidden Bay, Gam Island in the incomparable Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua.  After three weeks in the Arfak Mountains photographing birds, I’m now exploring another part of the amazing Conservation Province of West Papua.  The Raja Ampat Islands harbor the worlds highest diversity of corals and reef fish, and also spectacular land forms created by uplifted limestone eroded by the sea.  This maze-like lagoon filled with small islands is just one example.  #RajaAmpat #WestPapua #ConservationProvince
8 days ago
Photo by @TimLaman.  Dining by Moonlight - Anna’s Hummingbird. This is one of my favorite images from my hummingbird series at Sunnylands, and it also made your top 10 on my Instagram all-time list, so it’s part of my “Thanks a Million” print sale (see link in profile). People may think I just walk around with a camera and come up with shots like this but that’s not how it works.  Like many of my best images, this one was pre-conceived.  When I saw the full moon early one morning before sunrise I had the idea to include the moon in a hummingbird photograph.  It was then a matter of finding the right flowers I could line up with the moon, and hoping a hummingbird would come before the moon got too low in the sky.  Many of my ideas every day don’t work out, but this one did.  I hope you enjoy it.  It will look nice on your wall as well. I’m offering you a chance to purchase print of this image (in 12x12 inch format), complete with printed signature, for just $100.  See this and the other options at www.timlamanfineart.com.  #hummingbird #moon #birds #wildlifephotography #sunnylands #coachellavalley #coachella #california
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Photos by @TimLaman. Greetings to all from the rain forest of West Papua, Indonesia where I’m once again working to document some of the incredible Birds-of-Paradise.  Today is the Last Day for my Thanks A Million IG print sale!  Birds-of-Paradise and other award winning images can be on display in your home for $100.  Visit link in profile.

This forest in the Arfak Mountains support 11 species of Birds-of-Paradise. Swipe for a few glimpses behind the scenes: 2) Inside my blind where I’ve been spending every day from about 5:30 AM till around 2:00 PM battling the mosquitos.  3) Blind from the outside - the birds never know I’m there.  4) Giant tree in this pristine forest and team members helping to haul gear. A lot of work goes into getting unique images of rare birds but it is worth it because I believe making people aware of the biological wonders of Papua can help bring the global attention needed to support the local leaders’ goal of a Conservation Province.

#WestPapua #Arfak #rainforest #Indonesia
18 days ago
Photos by @TimLaman. Fun facts about my top ten IG posts:  8 are birds and 2 are mammals.  Locations range from hummingbirds in California to Birds-of-Paradise in Papua New Guinea and West Papua Indonesia to Wildebeest in Africa to Penguins in Antarctica to an orangutan in Borneo.  Whatever your favorites, they are available NOW on sale in my print store for you to decorate your home or office with.  Go to www.timlamanfineart.com or link in my profile to check them all out.
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Photo by @TimLaman.  A Wildebeest leaps into the Mara River in Serengeti National Park, amid the chaos of the great migration.  The crossing of the Mara is truly one of the great wildlife spectacles of the world, and this was one of those times when I was in the right place at the right time.  It was an incredibly exciting moment when the thousands of wildebeest massing on the high bank suddenly began to cross en masse, and I’m not exaggerating to say that this was one of the highlight moments of my many thousands of hours in the field photographing wildlife.  Amid the chaos, I saw a place where individuals separated from the crowd as they leapt off, and framed my composition there to try to capture a moment like this.  I love the wild feeling of primal nature in this shot.  It is definitely my favorite image from multiple voyages to Africa.  As one of my top Instagram images ever, I’m excited to offer it as one of the ten 12x12 inch prints on sale for only $100 in appreciation of your support as I crossed the 1 Million follower mark.  Check out this print and the other 9 available on sale now at www.timlamanfineart.com or the link in my profile.  Larger prints of this image are also available.  Just contact office@timlaman.com.  #moment #wildebeest #mara #Tanzania #Serengeti.
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Photo by @TimLaman.  A Bornean Orangutan climbs into the canopy in the rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo.  This was one of your favorite images on my journey to 1 million followers, and also won me the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016”. So I’m including it in my “Thanks a Million” sale – 12 inch square prints for $100 each.  I’m offering 10 of my most-liked Instagram images during this 10-day sale, but there is only 2 days left!  Many of my images take a lot of effort to execute, but this one was especially difficult.  I had dreamed of a shot like this for many years, but never found the right tree, or the orangutans shied away from my remote cameras.  Finally I got it to work in this beautiful tree with the strangler fig root creating the perfect place for an orangutan to climb.  Positioning my remote camera and changing batteries and cards required many trips up and down the tree when the orangutan was off feeding somewhere else.  When he came back, I was ready to trigger the camera as he climbed the tree. Check out this print and the other 9 available on sale now at www.timlamanfineart.com or at the link in my profile.  @SaveGPorangutans.  #GunungPalung #GunungPalungNationalPark #orangutan #Kalimantan #Borneo #Indonesia.
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Photo by @TimLaman.  The incomparable Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise, male displaying his colors.  Found only in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Islands, and one of the most boldly colored Birds-of-Paradise of all.  This was one of my top “most liked” images on Instagram, and I’m having a print sale in honor of reaching 1M followers.  For the next 3 days, you can choose from 10 of YOUR favorite images from my Instagram feed.  12 inch square prints for only $100!  And my signature will be printed in the white border.  Check out all your favorites at my link in profile (www.timlamanfineart.com). #RajaAmpat, #Waigeo, #BirdsofParadise, @BirdsofParadiseProject, #Papua, #Indonesia
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Photos by @TimLaman.  Are you curious what my top ten photos of all time are on Instagram?  Here are 3 more of my all time most liked photos.  Which is your favorite?  Taking the Plunge?  Red BoP Heart Display?  Entwined Lives?

You can now enjoy one or more of these images as prints on your wall. I’m offering them on sale right now for $100 each for a 12 x 12 inch print.  If you want a group of 4 or more 15” and 18’ prints are at an even deeper discount!  Check them out at my online store at the link in my profile or at www.timlamanfineart.com.
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